About Us

"The innovation and difference of Liberte Patent is that all its team consists of lawyers who are experts in their fields and that the lawyers who provide the solution of legal disputes practically carry out the registration processes with their practical foresight."

Liberte Patent Services Limited Company is a proxy firm established to provide legal and technical services to right holders in trademark, patent, industrial design and utility model registrations to be made before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Liberte Patent aims to protect the Intellectual Property Rights of its clients by registering trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs at home and abroad before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Company partners, all of whom are lawyers; Saika Bayraktar, Kamran Gürsoy, Bayram Marangoz and Beraat Bayraktar are experts in their fields with a seniority of 15-25 years. With its expert legal team, Liberte Patent carries out the registration processes for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights and also aims to provide legal support before and after registration.

How was Liberte Patent established?
Liberte Patent was originally established as a need. Lawyers providing legal services in legal disputes and litigation processes; They have witnessed many times that registration holders have lost their rights due to mistakes made during the registration process of trademarks, patents, designs and utility models. Taking legal support and preventive measures against legal disputes by putting aside the mistakes in trademark and patent applications made by the right holders themselves in trademark and patent applications, or even by professional companies that register trademarks and patents and do not have sufficient expert lawyers in the registration processes, transactions are common. This problem necessitates the inclusion of lawyers, who provide the resolution of lawsuits and other legal disputes, in the registration processes. For this reason, Liberte Patent was established in 2015 in order to manage the registration stages with TÜRKPATENT with a team consisting entirely of attorneys.