Why Liberte?

Why Should You Trust Us?

The entire member of Liberte Patent consists of lawyers who are experts in the field of trademark and patent law. For this reason, our team carries out the registration processes in the most accurate and efficient way with the practical insights by using their knowledge and experience in providing the solution of legal disputes/lawsuits practically in the registration processes. Registration procedures in Liberte Patent are qualified at every stage. It also includes legal advice.


End-to-end Process Management

At Liberte Patent, registration processes are carried out at every stage, from the preparation stage to the conclusion of the registration, by experts in their fields.


Support and Consulting

Liberte Patent offers the necessary guidance and support to create accurate and qualified applications in all registration processes. It provides support and creates solutions with its expert lawyers, without the need for a separate legal support, in case of obstacles and negativities to be experienced during the registration process.


Legal Registration

Liberte Patent provides legal support for the protection of your Intellectual Property Rights, prevention of imitations, unfair competition and other rights violations in the post-registration process.


Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Liberte Patent ensures the follow-up of the registration processes through its expert lawyers, minimizing the problems that may occur during and after the registration.



Liberte Patent works within the scope of confidentiality agreement and keeps your information safely in accordance with professional responsibility.